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Pierre Rosanvallon's Political Thought

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Edited by: Oliver Flügel-Martinsen, Franziska Martinsen, Stephen W. Sawyer and Daniel Schulz

The work of Pierre Rosanvallon has increasingly found itself at the center of debates in democratic and political theory - although only few of his numerous monographs have thus far been translated from French. This interdisciplinary volume, the first comprehensive collection on his political thought in English, seeks to lay the groundwork for the study of this eminent political thinker and historian. Following a hitherto untranslated opening essay by Rosanvallon, the chapters - written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives including political theory, political science, philosophy, and history - cover a wide range of topics from the history of democracy to sovereignty, populism, and the function of the press in liberal democratic regimes.

Author Information

Oliver Flügel-Martinsen (Prof. Dr.) teaches political theory and history of political thought at the University of Bielefeld. His main research fields are: philosophy and theory of modernity, philosophy and theory of the social sciences, theories of the political, democratic theory, contemporary French philosophy and social theory, and post-Marxist critical social theory.
Franziska Martinsen (PD Dr. phil.) teaches Political Theory and History of Political Thought at the Leibniz University of Hannover and at other Universities in Germany and Austria. Her main research fields are Political Philosophy and History of Ideas, Democratic Theory, Justice Theory, and Gender Theory.
Stephen W. Sawyer (Professor) teaches history and political thought at the American University of Paris. He has previously co-edited two volumes on French political thought of the late twentieth century and has published two monographs on the history of democracy and state-building in the nineteenth century.
Daniel Schulz (PD Dr.) teaches political theory and history of political thought at the Technical University of Dresden. He has published two monographs on comparative constitutional cultures and on republicanism. His interests further include theories of democracy and theories of power.


»Der Sammelband [führt] eindrücklich vor Augen, wie ergiebig die Kombination aus Geschichte und Philosophie sein kann.«
Sebastian Jutisz, Francia recencio, 1 (2020)

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