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»Turning is the new moving«: The directedness of attention and social practices An Interview with Matthew Hannah Although the body represents an important feature for the analysis of social life, few con- ceptual advances have been made with regard to the directedness of the body and spatial implications of social practices. In his new book Direction and Socio-spatial Theory, Matthew Hannah (2019) argues for a sensibility for embodied processes of turning, and for phenomena of direction more generally. The author holds the Chair in Cultural Ge- ography at the

afforded by smart mobile devices seem to establish new practices for producing and sharing images that push individuals to think visually of events, people and surroundings. These practices lead to the visual dataification of social practices and inten- sify the quantity and variety of visual data shared online. Within this context, the visual hyper-representation of social practices is exempli- fied by the current trend of giving to everything a visual justification (e. g. foodporn). In its conclusions, the paper offers a conceptual appa- ratus that can help to

, and affordances shape patterns of content distribution. It examines the language and practices of ‘virality’ among Chinese-speaking people in Tokyo and shows how the appeal of content like the sex video ‘digital stuff’ on WeChat are typically a digital amplification of pre-existing social practice. Described in terms of ‘sociothermic affects’ (Chau 2008) such as ‘fever’ and ‘heat’ (re/huo), the infectious nature of media is imagined in different but commensurate forms of virality that precedes the digital age. In the digital age however, virality is also

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