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Materiality and Practice Theory Sebastian Haumann ‘Materiality’ is a key term of current theoretical debates in the humanities and social sciences. However, ‘materiality’ refers to a whole array of diverse research questions and theoretical stances rather than to a clearly defined concept. In the broadest sense, it relates to how organisms, things and matter are deployed to shape social phenomena. The notion emphasises that these material entities might be configured by human actors, but that their properties have powers in and of themselves that unfold

Chapter 8: A practice theory methodology In practice theory […] discourse and lan- guage lose their omnipotent status. Reckwitz, 2002, p. 254 Discourse-theoretical perspectives foreground the cultural and social signification of actions and things that can be elicited from both verbal and non-verbal data. From this perspective, the social can be located in regimes of signification (Reck- witz, 2016). For practice theorists, discourse is a specific observational category that centers around the representational side of practices. Practices, characterized by a high

Discourses and Social Practices
Die heteronormative Logik des Sports
Series: Gender Studies
Zu den Selbst-Welt-Modellen eines populären Phänomens
Zur Praxis gesellschaftlicher Ökonomisierung im Gesundheits- und Krankenhauswesen
Discredited Practices at the Margins of Mimesis
Praktiken der Subjektivierung in der Aus- und Weiterbildung im Kunstbetrieb
Die »Dritte Option« im Personenstandsgesetz - Perspektiven für die Soziale Arbeit
Series: Pädagogik