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Who Defines “the Popular”? Post-colonial Discourses on National Identity and Popular Christianity in the Philippines PETER J. BRÄUNLEIN In memory of Pattana Kitiarsa, a good friend. INTRODUCTION The social sciences are enmeshed with their own subject area in complex ways. Social-scientific discourses have an impact on the self-perception of tradition, authenticity and identity in the broader society. In the following sections, I shall trace various scholarly discourses on Filipino tradition, national identity, and popular Christianity. Such

144 Counter-Mapping for Resistance and Solidarity in the Philippines Between Art, Pedagogy and Community Arnisson Andre C. Ortega, Ma. Simeona M. Martinez, Cian Dayrit, Kristian Karlo C.Saguin Counter-Cartography Is Education 145 Mapping is a deeply political practice. Especially when considering how it is embedded in the reproduction of power in the Philippine context. Historically, mapping can be linked to colonial exploits and imperial pursuits as it attempts to represent colonized popu- lations and places within a legible territory conducive for exploita

Perspectives from Transnational Research
Series: Global Studies
Kulturelle Kontingenzen am Beispiel philippinischer Migration
A Global Collection of Counter-Cartographies

Appendices 293 Appendix B-1: Developing countries and emerging economies with bilateral science, technology and innovation cooperation agreements with Germany Argentina Armenia* Azerbaijan * Belarus* Brazil Chile China Colombia* Egypt Georgia* India Indonesia Jordan* Kazakhstan * Kyrgyzstan * Malaysia* Mexico Moldova * Mongolia* Morocco* Peru* Philippines* Russia Singapore* South Africa (Sub-Saharan) Africa** Tajikistan* Thailand* Tunis* Turkey Turkmenistan* Ukraine Uzbekistan* Vietnam * no


311 BIB LIOGRAPHIE Abella, M. (1979): Export of Filipino Manpower, Manila: Institute of La- bour/Manpower Studies, Ministry of Labour. (1989): „Policies and Practices to Promote Migrant’s Remittances“. Philippine Labour Review, 13 (1), S. 1-17. — (1991): International Migration and Development. Bangkok: International La- bour Office (ILO. Abu-Lughod, Janet (1975): „Comments. The End of the Age of Innocence in Mi- gration Theory“. In: Brian M. DuToit/Helen I. Safa (Hg.), Migration and Urbani- zation, The Hague: Mouton, S. 201-6. Abu-Lughod, Lila (1990): „The

. (Hg.), Images of State Power: Essays on Philippine Politics from the Mar- gins, Quezon, 100-136. Abinales, Patricio (2003): What Strong Republic? in: Newsbreak 06.01.2003, 14-15. Abinales, Patricio (2005): Governing the Philippines in the Early 21st Century, in: Shiraishi, Takashi/Abinales, Patricio (Hg.), After the Crisis. Hegemony, Technocracy and Governance in Southeast Asia, Kyoto, 134-155. Abinales, Patricio/Amoroso, Donna (2005): State and Society in the Philippines, Lanham. ABS-CBN (2006): The Investor’s City, in: ABS-CBN 10.07.2006. Adams, Kathleen

of Filipinos in Israel are female, in the following I will use the female form only when referring exclusively to women. CLAUDIA LIEBELT 886 of Immigration and Absorption apparently thought proper citizens in the making should know. The language course was part of the Zionist encouragement of Jewish mass immigration to Israel.2 Nevertheless, the state- centred “we Jews against the world” discourse I encountered in my ulpan was too much for me at the time. The contradiction of having been engaged in anti-fascist and anti-nationalist politics from early teenage

Abkürzungsverzeichnis AP Associated Press ARC Asylum Rights Campaign (Großbritannien) BBC British Broadcasting Corporation C’Sur/CSUR Collectif de soutien d’urgence aux réfugiés (Frankreich) CCFD Comité Catholique Contre la Faim et pour le Développement (Frankreich) CCME Churches Commission for Migrants in Europe (Sitz: Brüssel) CFMW Commission for Filipino Migrant Workers (international, Sitz: u.a. Amsterdam) CGIL Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavaro CGT Confédération General du Travail (Frankreich) CIMADE Service œcuménique d