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Theatrical Translation as Modernization in the First Age of Globalization CHRISTOPHER BALME As has often been stated, the word 'translation' derives from the Latin translatio meaning 'to carry' or 'bring across' . There is therefore no strict reason to limit the notion of translation to words and texts. An institution can therefore equally be translated in the sense ofbeing transported or car- ried across from one cultural realm to another. The processes involved are probably equally if not more complex than those pertaining to natural lan- guages. In the

Man, Woman, Family. Gender and the Limited Modernization of Right-Wing Extremism in Austria Stefanie Mayer, Edma Ajanović, Birgit Sauer 1. Why Gender? Setting the Context The electoral success of the far-right in many democratic countries, and the es- tablishment of authoritarian, illiberal forms of government, have been important issues for social scientists over the last two decades (Canovan 1999; Mudde 2010, 2004; Taggart 2000; Wodak et al. 2013). But only in recent years, as far-right actors shifted their attention to ‘gender’ – or rather, to the denunciation

Spatial Control, ›Modernization‹ and Assimilation: Large Dams in Nubia and the Arabization of Northern Sudan THOMAS SCHMIDINGER Giant dam projects all over the world are frequently implemented at the expense of ethnic minorities. Examples are the Belo Monte on the Rio Xingu in Brazil (Amazonian Indians), the Xalala Dam in Guatemala (Maya Qechí farmers), the Myitsone in Myanmar/Burma (Kachin people), the Güney Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in the Kurdish areas of Turkey, and the dams on the Karun River in Iran that forced thousands of

The Malaysian Transplant Venture
Indonesia and Malaysia in the Nineteen-nineties
Die Konflikte um Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in der internationalen Klimapolitik
Strategische Entwicklung von Schulgebäudebeständen
A Historical Narration
Transnational Perspectives on the Intellectual Field in Twentieth-Century Poland and Beyond
Series: Lettre
Kulturelle Kontingenzen am Beispiel philippinischer Migration