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Friedrich Meinecke: Champion of German Historicism
A Revolution in Context
Series: Histoire, 60
Kultur und Kritik

5. Germany’s own special path? Fundamental economic principles underlying German policy Mark Schieritz There is a story about former Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti that goes like this: At the peak of the Euro crisis he was visiting Barack Obama in the White House in Washington. The President asked him why international negotiations with Germany on economic issues are often so tedious and why the Germans so stubbornly refuse to do more to strengthen domestic demand. Whereupon he, Monti, answered that for Germans economics is not a social science. Eco

2 (African) Americanizing Germany There is no doubt that America’s culture is visible everywhere. (RICHARD PELLS, “DOUBLE CROSSINGS” 198) Americanization, then, should be the story of the travels of an American cultural lan- guage and of other people acquiring that language. What they actually say with that language, however, is a different story altogether. (ROB KROES, “ADVERTISING” 284) In the final analysis, we are not being Americanized. We Americanize ourselves! (WINFRIED FLUCK, “CALIFORNIA BLUE” 223) Whether it is viewed a blessing or a curse

The Sound of Germany Nationale Identifikation bei Rammstein KERSTIN WILHELMS »Was hat sich die Band dabei eigentlich gedacht«1, fragte sich 2009 die Süddeutsche Zeitung anlässlich der Veröffentlichung der neuen Ramm- stein-Single Pussy. Rammstein sind seit einigen Jahren neben Tokyo Hotel und Kraftwerk der erfolgreichste deutsche Pop-Export und haben damit Nena von Platz eins verdrängt. Galt bislang insbesondere in den USA das Musical The Sound of Music als Lieferant für paradigmatische Deutsch- land-Bilder,2 so wurde es im vergangenen Jahrzehnt