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Friendship Patterns among Young Academics in Urban India

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 5, Issue 1 | © transcript 2019 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2019-0111 Technology and In/equality, Questioning the Information Society (Almost) 20 Years Later Flis Henwood and Sally Wyatt Abstract At the beginning of the 21st century, we co-edited a book called Tech- nology and In/equality, Questioning the information Society. In that book, we focused on access and control of media technology, edu- cation and skills with a particular focus on gender and global eco- nomic development. The editors and contributors were all committed

The Implementation of Gender Impact Assessment in the European Union and Gender-based Analysis in Canada

103 Human Equality in Modern Chinese Polit ical Thought DENNIS SCHILLING Introduct ion Human equality is one of the most important ideas in modern political theory, demarcating the change from older conceptions based on the ex- cellence of certain individuals in accordance with metaphysical, religious or traditional beliefs. Human equality, however, is still a highly disputed idea. From a logical point of view, the uncertainty results from both the polyvalent logical structure of the concept of equality and its prescriptive usage. Equality is a tripartite

How the Black Panthers Challenged White Supremacy
Zur Geschichte der Behindertenpolitik in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Facing Problems of Race, Racism, and Ethnic Diversity in the Humanities in Germany
Perceptions of Whiteness, Homosexuality, and Democracy in South Africa
Series: Lettre
The Rhetoric of Healing and Democratization in Northern Reconstruction Writing, 1861-1882
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