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Liquid Democracy And other Fixes to the Problem of Democracy MARTIN DEGE “The great constitutional corrective in the hands of the people against usurpation of power, or corruption by their agents is the right of suffrage; and this when used with calmness and deliberation will prove strong enough.” ANDREW JACKSON, 7TH PRESIDENT OF THE US/LETTER TO JAMES BUCHANAN, JUNE 25, 1825. OVERTURE One of the more famous descriptions of the advantages and flaws of de- mocracy summarized in a quote surely comes from Winston Churchill: “[D]emocracy is

Zur Zukunft digitaler politischer Entscheidungsfindung nach dem Niedergang der Piratenpartei
Modes of Embodied Politics
Towards a Reconciliation of Freedom and Ecology
Politischer Wandel in Zentralmexiko zwischen Transnationalität und Lokalität
Series: Global Studies

AI, Democracy and the Law Christian Djeffal Digital technologies are in the process of reconfiguring our democracy. While we look for orientation and guidance in this process, the relationship between tech- nology and democracy is unclear and seems to be in f lux. Are technology and de- mocracy mirroring each other?1 The internet was first hailed as genuinely demo- cratic technology and ultimate enabler of democracy. It is now often perceived as a major threat to democracy. The story of artificial intelligence (AI) might turn out to be quite the opposite

Making Democracy in der Schule Bildstrecke Konzept: Renate Höllwart, Elke Smodics Bildinformationen S. 103: akg is making democracy, Dschungel Wien, Schüler*innen der 3A und der 3B, Foto: Sandra Kosel S. 104: akg is making democracy, Dschungel Wien, Forschungswagen, Schü- ler*innen der 3A und der 3B, Foto: Sandra Kosel S. 105: akg is making democracy, Dschungel Wien, Forschungswagen, Schü- ler*innen der 3A und der 3B, Foto: Sandra Kosel S. 106: Kick off, Schüler*innen der 3A und der 3B, Foto: trafo.K S. 107: akg is making democracy, Dschungel

Fixing Climate Change Means Fixing Democracy Benjamin R. Barber Claus Leggewie rehearses Arundhati Roy’s provocative question »Is there life after democracy?« in order to come to terms with a disturbing modern paradox: democracies often seem less eff ective in dealing with long term crises like climate change than more authoritarian, top-down regimes. China, for example, may seem more capable of responding to catastrophic climate change than the United States or Germany. For what has become apparent is not only that authoritarian regimes are able to

2 The Political Theory of Democracy* Pierre Rosanvallon INTRODUCTION I propose to define political theory as a specific field within the social sciences dedicated to the analysis of the political. It must be differentiated from political science, the object of which is politics. As I understand the term, the “political” is at once a field and a project. As a field, it refers to a site where the multiple threads of human life come together, so that their activities and discourses can be under- stood in a comprehensive framework. It exists by