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therapy has not studied the impact that genocide and racism have on the love relationships in subsequent generations. Grünberg’s experiences as a student and researcher also shows the courage that it takes to confront man’s inhumanity to man. There is still a 2006-03-09 17-03-18 --- Projekt: T442.sozialtheorie.grünberg.auschwitz / Dokument: FAX ID 015a109904900730|(S. 9- 17) T01_01 foreword.p 109904901042 Foreword by Eva Fogelman | 17 tendency to “blame the victim”. Three generations after the liberation, the descendents of the victims and perpetrators are

feelings 7about it in writing, in films, in art, in music or in dancing. The greatest impact on many children of survivors was possibly that of their commit- 8ment to the State of Israel. Other children of survivors have taken up the cause of oppressed minorities; they have fought the racism both of their own parents as well as that generally prevalent. Finally, the authors stress the importance of the organizations of survivors’ children, which have been founded especially in the USA. Based on the experiences they have had, Bergmann and Jucovy (1982, 312) assume