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rewarding field to work and do research in. Bibliography AHMED, Sara (2012): On Being Included: Racism and Diversity in Institutional Life. Ra­ leigh/NC: Duke UP. BHANDRAI, Rajika/BLUMENTHAL, Peggy (2011): Global Student Mobility and the Twen­ ty-First Century Silk Road: National Trends and New Directions. – In: Dies. (eds.), In- ternational Students and Global Mobility in Higher Education. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 1­23. CARTY, Hilary (2014): Democratising Cultural Institutions. A Challenge for Europe. A Challenge for Culture. – In: Henze, Raphaela/Wolfram, Gernot

institutions are still occu- pied by white, middle-aged men.3 As Andrea Fraser stated: “Nearly forty years after their first appearance, the practices now associated with ‘in- stitutional critique’ have for many come to seem, well, institutionalized.” (FRASER 2005) Discussing racism, feminism and diversity as a matter of institutional discourse is not enough not to deal with these issues in practical ways. How can concepts that we tackle theoretically be applied to the actual practicing? 2 About an overview of the first reactions to the so-called ‘restitution report

positive evaluations in response to, for example, cultural events such as a theatrical performance. 5. Discussion and Limitations Questions concerning SD bias in surveys have received considerable attention in recent years (GOSEN 2014; KRUMPAL 2013; LEE 1993; PAULHUS 2002; PHILLIPS/CLANCY 1972; STOCKÉ/HUNKLER 2007; TOURANGEAU/YAN 2007). When this concept was first introduced, the problem of sensitive topics such as racism, voting behavior, or sexu- al and religious practices (DICKSON-SWIFT/JAMES/LIAMPUTTONG 2008; LEE 1993; LEE/LEE 2012) was often taken into