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gesamten asiatischen Raum erfassenden Wissenschaft, deren „exzentrische Hal- tung“ es in einer starren geographischen Gesamtperspektive wagt, die Hälfte der Welt unter eine Disziplin zu subsumieren: „For although many learned disciplines imply a position taken towards, say, human material (a historian deals with the human past from a special vantage point in the present), there is no real analogy for taking a fixed, more or less total geographical position towards a wide varie- ty of social, linguistic, political, and historical realities. A classicist, a Romance

. The clear-cut difference between Orient and Occident is not a given for Michaelis […] it represents precisely the distinction that Michaelis wants to produce […] Michaelis’s primary goal is not to empathize with the ancient Israelites but to intervene in contemporary politics. By putting the ‚foreign‘ and ‚Asiatic‘ laws of Moses in 939 Ebd., 59. 940 Ebd., 56. 941 Ebd., 59. 942 Michaelis: Orientalische und Exegetische Bibliothek: Bd. XIX (1782), 12. 943 Hess: Colonial Imaginary, 65. 944 Ebd