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capitalism that haunt the living present. Regardless of Marx’s endu- ring relevance and even though much of post-Marxism is actually an outlandish “caricature” of Marx and the entire Marxist tradition, it has eaten through the “left like a cancer” and has “established itself as the new common sense” (Johnson 2002: 129). What has been produced is a discourse eminently more digestible to the academic “Left” whose steady embourgeoisement appears to be altering the political palate of career social theorists. Eager to take a wide detour around political economy, post- Marxists

The Political Economy of Prison-based Treatment and Re-entry Programming in Illinois and Chicago Robert P. Fairbanks II abstr act The State of Illinois incarcerates more than 49.000 inmates annually, and 36.000 are released each year. Two-thirds (roughly 25.000 annually) of this number return to just five zip codes located on the West and South sides of Chicago, where black male unemployment exceeds 45 per cent even before ex-felons return home. This paper explores selective state measures by which policy and practitioner elites have responded to the re

Expectations, Developments and Outcomes
Series: Science Studies
Zur Aktualisierung des demokratischen Versprechens in Pädagogik und Erziehungswissenschaft
Series: Pädagogik
Zur Geschichte der bundesrepublikanischen Sexualaufklärung (1950-2010)
Series: Pädagogik
Vom Umgang mit einem gesellschaftlichen Paradoxon in der Sozialen Arbeit
Series: Sozialtheorie
Ein Arbeitsbuch
Series: Pädagogik
Sozialraumentwicklung im Kontext von Behinderung, Flucht und Demenz
Ein Praxisleitfaden zum Aufbau publikationsunterstützender Services
Politische Bildung nach dem Ende der Zukunft