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3 Thinking and Researching Political Borders In the introduction to this study, I have already noted that the methodological un- certainty that one encounters when researching an external EU border is further complicated by the spectral character of any border. This spectral character re- fers to the phenomenological indeterminacy and fuzziness of borders in general. This is to say that there is no phenomenon of a border as such. Consequently, borders are only tangible and experienceable by their proxy or representation (cf. Cremers 1989: 38

6. Which reform path for the Eurozone? A mapping of political actors and their influence in the German debate Björn Hacker and Cédric M. Koch IntroductIon The heated nature of debates surrounding the crisis of the Eurozone repeatedly gives the impression of unprecedented controversy. In tracing out positions of key actors in the German debate, however, it will become evident that a cor- nerstone in the sharp divide between champions of a stability union and ad- vocates of a fiscal union was laid very early on. Specifically, an age-old conflict in

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Perspectives, Trends and Developments in the 21st Century
Chinese and British Land Acquisitions in Comparative Perspective
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Die europäische Wertedebatte auf dem Prüfstand der Geschichte
Series: Global Studies
Kulturelle und politische Ordnungsvorstellungen der afghanischen Eliten
Series: Global Studies
Hintergründe, Reformansätze und deutsch-französische Perspektiven / Contextes, ébauches de réforme et perspectives franco-allemandes
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Warum aus der Europäischen Union die Europäische Nation werden muss