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8 Talking about Civic Engagement: “The Dirty Game of Politics” In this chapter, I will show how the interviewees talk about becoming engaged with the Yisra’el Beitenu party. Enjoying full political rights, I assumed it was unlikely that the interviewees had faced legal barriers—in various empirical studies this is referred to as political opportunity structures (e.g. Fanning/ O’Boyle 2010; Fanning et al. 2010; Bloemraad 2006)—to become engaged; and the interviewees do not mention any legal restrictions either. However, previous empirical

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those women uttered with respect to the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians, or the cultural superiority they displayed towards Palestinian-Israeli citizens. Continuing to study migration, or rather immigrant adaptation, against this background, I became interested in the political dimension of this process as well as in the 2nd generation, i.e. those who have already grown up in their parents’ country of destination. However, when I wanted to return to the immigrant group I had already encountered, I was told there was no need to study their