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Asymmetrical Concepts and Political Asymmetries A Comparative Glance at 20th Century Democracies and Totalitarianisms from a Discursive Standpoint* KIRILL POSTOUTENKO Strange as it may seem, the so-called asymmetrical concepts, discov- ered some 35 years ago by Reinhard Koselleck (Koselleck 1975) and promoted since then to the core of “conceptual history”, have yet to see the proof of their importance in small-and middle-scale empirical studies. However, this vacuum appears less surprising given the fact that even the founding fathers of

Scientific Images in the Wake of Environmental Awareness, USA 1860s-1970s
Series: Image, 79
Historical Semantics and Beyond
Series: Histoire, 20

Contents Self-Concepts, Counter-Concepts, Asymmetrical Counter-Concepts: Some Aspects of a Multi-Faceted Agenda Kay Junge | 9 Linguistic Semantics and Historical Semantics M. Lynne Murphy and Roberta Piazza | 51 Asymmetrical Concepts and Political Asymmetries: A Comparative Glance at 20th Century Democracies and Totalitarianisms from a Discursive Standpoint Kirill Postoutenko | 81 Three Takes on the Counter-Revolutionary: Studying Asymmetrical Political Concepts in the People’s Republic of China Juha A. Vuori | 115 ‘We are the

Three Takes on the Counter-Revolutionary Studying Asymmetrical Political Concepts in the People’s Republic of China JUHA A. VUORI INTRODUCTION: IDENTIFICATION OF THREATS AND THE JUSTIFICATION OF VIOLENCE This chapter is used to discuss the most drastic function of asymmet- rical political concepts, namely the legitimisation of violence or the use of force. Various political eras in the People’s Republic of China ( Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó hereafter referred to as PRC) are replete with discourses that define various inner enemies for singularisation

Jeffrey Al- exander et al. (editors). The Performative Turn, Cambridge: University Press 2003; his latest publication in German is “Zepter und Kerbholz, Macht und Geld” in Thomas Schwinn et al. (editors), Soziale Differen- zierung, Wiesbaden: VS 2011. Manow, Philip is professor of political science at Bremen University. He studied at Marburg and Berlin, received his PhD (‘Promotion’) at the Free University Berlin and his ‘Habilitation’ at the University of Konstanz. His research interest lies in the field of Political Economy, comparative welfare state research

Acknowledgments This volume is based on the proceedings of the workshop 35 Years After Reinhart Koselleck: Asymmetrical Concepts in Politics, Lan- guage and Society, which took place at the University of Constance on June 3-5, 2010. Whereas a conference grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) made the event possible in the first place, the publication of proceedings was assisted by generous subsidies pro- vided by the Center of Excellence Cultural Foundations of Integration (University of Constance) and the Alexander von Humboldt

environmental phenomena, "Eco- images" have been identified as "images informed by a decisive environ- mental agenda" and are to be understood in terms of their "purposeful, non- 1 Gisela Parak, "Introduction," in Ibid. (ed.), Eco-Images. Historical Views and Political Strategies (Munich, Rachel Carson Center perspective series, 2013): 5. 2 See introduction of this book, 10. CONCLUSIONS | 219 verbal communicative function."3 Examples of such "Eco-images" dating back to the 1960s or 70s are for example to be found in the the Sierra Club exhibition book series. This definition


history of tourism. Detlev Mares, born in 1965, teaches modern history and history didactics at Darmstadt University of Technology. His research deals with British history, popular political culture, and the didactics of history. Sebastian Haumann, Martin Knoll, Detlev Mares (eds.) Concepts of Urban-Environmental History Drucklegung unterstützt aus Mitteln der Universität Salzburg (Rektorat und Fachbereich Geschichte) Bibliographic information published by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the Deutsche Na