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Cultural Politics: The Civilizing Mission of Science As we have seen, ethical values such as the ideal of humanity were central elements of Moleschott’s conception of science, as well as of higher education and politics. In fact, it played an important role in many of the projects Moleschott engaged in: from public hygiene to the speech given on the occasion of the inauguration of the statue of Giordano Bruno, from the commemoration of his fellow Senators and university colleagues, to the ideal of a developed and rationally organized society. In

Conclusion: Jacob Moleschott, a Transnational Actor between Science and Politics The celebrations and commemorations for Moleschott reflect the multiple roles he played in science and politics. At the same time, they initiated the myth of Moleschott as the scientist martyr of his profession and as a modern Socrates who had to abandon the University of Heidelberg because of his ideas, and propagated the image of Mo- leschott as a rebel and a genius. In this book, the first academic biography about Moleschott, I have attempted, on the one hand, to

Moleschott in Rome (1878-1893): Scholar and Senator between Internal and Foreign Politics “Let us start consulting our own language; and I say ‘our’, even though my accent could reveal that I was not born in Rome, or in Florence, not in Naples, not in Venice, not in Turin; but I say ‘our’ because I feel yours; and because the affection and the deference I nurture for each of my colleagues make me feel that the senators are mine. (Good, bravo).”1 This statement, which was part of a speech Moleschott gave at the Italian Senate concerning the

A Revolution in Context
Series: Histoire, 60
Deutsche, polnische und tschechische Perspektiven im Vergleich
Science, Politics, and Popularization in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Series: Histoire, 117
Zur Geschichte und Theorie eines scheinbar erforschten Themas
Series: Histoire, 156
Ein mikrohistorischer Streifzug durch Europas Norden der Frühen Neuzeit
Series: Histoire, 176
Die Strafverfolgung von Akteuren des Staatsterrors in der Ukraine 1939-1941
Series: Histoire, 168
AIDS-Prävention in der Bundesrepublik 1981-1995
Series: Histoire, 184