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7. Seeing as a Political Resource in Visual Culture Studies Visual culture studies has become a sprawling field. Every conceivable disci- pline is now making links to visual culture, from art history to art education, film, media and theatre studies, literary theory, and the other usual suspects, through to anthropology, history, sociology, theology, jurisprudence, theol- ogy and even computer science, neurobiology, medicine, and other natural sciences. In 2006, Marquard Smith remarked: “the huge number of books [about visual culture] tells us that the phrase

271The Court in Dakar Viktoria Schmidt-Linsenhoff The Court in Dakar. Political Aesthetics in the Post–Colony “Mes œuvres ne sont rien, elles ne sont pas que des voies de connaissance, elles ne sont pas faites pour être vendues ou pour un quelconque marché.”1 Line of Questioning: Political Aesthetics The film “La cour/ Der Hof” from 2012, which focuses attention on the atelier of the Senegalese performance artist Issa Samb (Joe Ouakam) and his experimental art with the artist group “Laboratoire Agit-Art,”2 raises a number of issues. These revolve around

Seeing in Art History and Visual Culture Studies
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Labour and Free Time in the Art of Collective Actions
Series: Image, 124
Bildkörper und Körperbild bei Paul Klee
Histories of Dislocated Cultural Assets
Interdisziplinäre Positionen
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Zur Produktion von Möglichkeitsräumen bei zeitgenössischen Künstlergruppen
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Kulturaustausch zwischen Brasilien und der jungen Bundesrepublik Deutschland (1949-1954)
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