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134 The Politics of Design in Postcolonial Kenya Daniel Magaziner Two Landscapes of the Imagination One landscape was small. Imagine a house set within a grove of trees; a stream bubbling nearby; a tiled-roof muffled the sounds of rain, providing a suitable atmosphere for listening to music, or reading, or maybe having a bottle of beer. It was a small house, wood floors, one bedroom with a single bed, covered with a leopard’s skin; more skins on the floor provided a soft cushion for bare feet – and the right ‘African’ atmosphere. It was quiet.1 The other

184 Cheick Diallo: Design between Politics and Poetics Kerstin Pinther, Alexandra Weigand Cheick Diallo’s Fauteuil Mo (Fig. 1), whose characteristic net-like surface also inspired our book cover, is made of steel rods wound with bright red nylon thread. The rods are reinforced steel, found everywhere on the construc- tion sites in Bamako, Mali, while the chair’s sculptural aesthetic quotes the wooden fish traps used along the banks of the River Niger. The Mo Chair thus not only stands for a very special form of material morphosis, but also distils the

80 XXX ON GLOBAL FLIGHT AND MIGRATION IN FASHION AND FASHION THEORY: Cultural Performances and Political Frameworks on the European Catwalks (F/W 2016/17) 81ON GLOBAL FLIGHT AND MIGRATION IN FASHION AND FASHION THEORY ELKE GAUGELE Characterized by flight and forced migration, by legal and illegal labor migration, and beyond this by the geo-economic divisions of poverty and unemployment, the current globalization phase demands that re- search in fashion and fashion theory engage more intensively with the perspectives of migration research as well as with

Forms of Migration and Flight
Series: Design, 44
Beiträge zur Gestaltung öffentlicher Interessen
Series: Design, 43
Gestaltungsaufgaben zwischen Kreativität, Wirtschaft und Politik
Series: Design, 39
Vom ästhetischen Angriff auf die offene Gesellschaft

Flow of Forms / Forms of Flow. 4 Design Histories between Africa and Europe Kerstin Pinther, Alexandra Weigand Forms of Modernity 27 Transform(n)ation 41 Forms of Cooperation / Participation 55 Material Morphosis 67 Speculative Forms 83 Ladi Kwali, Michael Cardew and a Tangled Story of 96 African Studio Pottery Susan Mullin Vogel Design, Development and its Legacies: A Perspective on 110 1970s Design Culture and its Anthropological Intents Alison J. Clarke Between Favela Chic and Autonomy. 124 Design in Latin America Gui Bonsiepe The Politics of

-based Manuel Herz Architects in collaboration with the National Union of Sahrawi Women. The objective of this comparative study is to analyze the content-related design concept of refugee pavilions in relation to the noma- dization of the urban and the urbanization of the fugitive; moreover, it is to examine pavilion architecture as a migration-reflexive design responding to transitory living conditions and temporary community formations. Since the Western Sahara Pavilion was the first pavilion of a nation in exile present- ed at the Venice Biennial, the political