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analytically promising way to conceptualize all kinds of social action— from the most intimate face-to-face interaction to global conflicts—as distinc- tive variants of a “politics of space.” Second, two general modes of spatiality, or more precisely, of the spatial organization of social relations, can be distinguished. Social relations can be territorialized relying on a well-defined and forcefully maintained territorial unit which clearly marks inside and outside and gives meaning to legitimacy, rule enforcement, and collective identity. Or they can be organized in a

Image Politics of Climate Change: lntroduction BIRGIT SCHNEIDER, THOMAS NOCKE In September 2013, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented its fifth report about climate change during a press conference in Stockholm. On this occasion, the audience was also presented with some of the latest scientific images produced for the new Summary for Policy Makers. In the manner of the previous reports colored global maps, barren graphs and curves served as most simplified condensates for visually communicating the findings of the highly

10. Securitization Theory: Legitimacy in Security Politics 10.1. LEGITIMACY IN SECURITIZATION THEORY Directly and in the short term repression against terrorist groups can only diminish their resources – therefore its counter-intended effect can only take place in the long run. Furthermore, the counter-intended effect of re- pression is only conceivable in connection with the security discourse of the terrorist groups’ opponents. In order to understand this counter-intended effect I present securitization theory which deals with the question of

Cultural Politics: The Civilizing Mission of Science As we have seen, ethical values such as the ideal of humanity were central elements of Moleschott’s conception of science, as well as of higher education and politics. In fact, it played an important role in many of the projects Moleschott engaged in: from public hygiene to the speech given on the occasion of the inauguration of the statue of Giordano Bruno, from the commemoration of his fellow Senators and university colleagues, to the ideal of a developed and rationally organized society. In

27 2. CULTURAL POLITICAL ECONOMY AND EMPIRICAL RESEARCH 2.1 Introduction This chapter discusses the methodological strategy adopted. The outline of the chapter is as follows. After this introduction, section 2.2 contains a reflection on cultural studies, since it is within this discipline that most research on contemporary networks of aes- thetic production tends to be conducted. Building on my comments in section 2.2, section 2.3 develops a critical realist methodology that can do analytical justice to the structural depth of contempo- rary urban

The Ethics and Politics of Grammatical Subjectivity CHANTAL BAX 1 THE ETHICO-POLITICAL IMPLICATIONS OF RETHINKING SUBJECTIVITY Along with continental thinkers such as Heidegger, Foucault and Derrida, Witt- genstein can be held responsible for the radical reconceptualization of human sub- jectivity that has occupied much of philosophy since the previous century. Taking issue with the traditional or Cartesian view on the nature of man, these thinkers all argued that human being does not come in the form of an ethereal and isolated self; the

The Politics and Poetics of the Body Gao Shiming In the latter half of Nineteen Eighty-Four, O’Brien, the thought police, reveals to us what the body means to the mind and humanity—he shows Winston his reflection in the mirror and Winston, looking at himself, beaten and disfigured, finally breaks down. 2005 The crowd, I used to face them once and once again, Trying to tell them apart. But in the crowd, One is All. ‘ALL’, ‘ANY ONE’ AND ‘EVERY ONE’ ‘All’ is referred to when an individual is too weak a representation. It is a col- lective title for the human

Style Politics in der Nation of Islam Die 1930 gegründete Nation of Islam entwickelte sich in den 1950er und 1960er Jahren zu einer der einflussreichsten aber auch umstrittensten religiös-politi- schen Gruppen in den USA der Nachkriegszeit. Zeitweilig gehörten ihr zentrale Figuren der Bürgerrechts- und Black Power-Bewegung wie beispielsweise Mal- colm X oder Eldridge Cleaver an. Im Zuge von Kämpfen um Bürgerrechte, An- erkennung, Selbstbewusstsein und schwarze Identität spielten die öffentlichen Auseinandersetzungen um Style Politics auch in der

Between Intervention and Utopia: Dance Politics RANDY MARTIN SOCIALIST ENSEMBLES Myriad are the intersections that locate dance in the realm of the political. The conceptions of who can move for what, the conventions by which people gather, the spaces made available, the training and preparation, notions of embodiment – all bear upon dance, and constitute the field of forces and constraints through which it is borne into being. Yet dance also makes its own politics, crafts its own pathways and agency in the world, moves us toward what we

City Identity and Contemporary Politics of Memory Case Study: The For tress of Belgrade Bojana Bursać Džalto (Belgrade) The modern city of Belgrade encompasses several thousand years old settlements. These settlements originated from different periods, with different social and cultural backgrounds. Even today, many of these layers influence the memory of the citizens of modern Belgrade. They also have a bearing upon the people visiting the Serbian capital and on their perception of this ancient city. Like many other European cities, Belgrade has numerous